Victory is a dream, make it a reality!

Why choose 4NIX?

We are a small independent French brand ...

Thanks to our experience in the BMX Race as a Rider & Coach, we wanted to create a frame according to your wishes.

That is why, at first, we focused on the geometry / materials / choice of tubes so that the frame is best suited for the competition!

We want to be close to the riders who will ride on 4NIX to retain them and to create the products they expect.

We are committed to be available to riders, to exchange with them about our products, to take into account their desires, their ideas.

We want to work with riders of different categories, to develop frames and pieces for everyone, but we want the practitioners to remember that the BMX Race was created to have fun with buddies on bumps, whether it’s in competition or just for fun!

To acquire a 4NIX frame is to support a French brand, independent that seeks to support the BMX race as best as possible!

At 4NIX, we believe that living from his passion for the BMX Race goes far beyond competitive results.



ZA de Frappe- 5 rue clement Ader

33910 St Denis de Pile